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Full Moon Dreamboard — Full Flower Moon

Jamie Ridler prompts her viewers that the Full Flower Moon asks: “How would you like to bloom? Who are you when you’re in full bloom?” And this month I feel my process did not bring that question to the surface. What I do notice in my dreamboard is simplicity and a lot of space. I see I’m being drawn by the idea of summer, space, the beach, and the open feel of imaginative living.

I asked a yoga instructor in my community for a private session. I want to develop a home practice that honors my body where it is now. I’ve been coping with injuries and perceived limitations. It messes with my mind and spirit. I am trying to let go, blossom, and unfold.

I would like to bloom, like a flower mandala each petal a lesson I can share with others. I am a healer and envision running and owning a healing spa with art and bodywork.

May Full Moon Dreamboard, 2012

Let’s start this summer off WILD!

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Memorial Day weekend I travelled to the west end of the Upper Peninsula to a ZOO! The DeYoung Family Zoo is a different place and quite an adventure. I spent part of Saturday taking a nap on a picnic table while listening to lions and tigers. The day was warm and full of sunshine, a slight wind kep the bugs down (it is the Upper Peninsula ya know, eh?). Mike and I enjoyed ourselves and tried our best to fill our camera’s memory cards.

Calling all Creative Thinkers!

Super Moon, Marquette Michigan

I need to get serious about bills, about getting a Big Girl Camera, and developing the online creative biz of my dreams. But how? How to create the funds I need. Find the time I need? (Explanation: As I am working a full-time job) (Explanation #2: And I have to cook all my meals do to my food avoidances).

Over the coming weeks we will explore, ways to progress!

Good progress has been made over the past couple months. Let’s boost self-confidence with the List Factor.

  1. I’m an artist at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative.
  2. I also have work hanging in the Huron Gallery at the Peter White Library.
  3. I will have work hanging at the Peter White again in April/May.
  4. I met with an accountant to check my tax status perosnally and professionaly.
  5. Paid off two credit cards.

Great, pat self on back.  (pat, pat, pat)

Move forward!

How to develop additional incoming funds? To pay off medical debt. AND purchase new equipment? AHA! I need ideas, gimmicks, and get rich quick schemes (that work).

Photo: I went Super Moon hunting with life-partner Mike Hainstock who took this photo. I was again reminded of my camera’s limits. I use a Canon s5 IS and long for a full DSLR. I used some “actions” to create the photo above which to me looks like a spooky scene from a movie, a painting, but not what I wanted to take that night. I long to do thing like this.

Giving Winter Notice at Eben Ice Caves

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Giving Winter Notice at Eben Ice Caves was the Superiorland Photography Club and I was on board, as well. I hiked in wearing Keen boots and YakTrax but switched to my Brooks Trail Runners and STABILicers to handle the ice and the interior sections of the cave. I went a little wild in the winter woods and even jogged parts of the trail. I crawled into tiny caves and my feet stuck out. I lay in snow taking macros. I played with flashes with my MagicMan; check out his slideshow here. It was the most creative effort all week and I am proud of my Eben Ice Caves Flickr Set.

Creative Every Day Week One


Creative Every Day 2011–Week One

My biggest worry is that I will not honor myself this year. I am facing more change, looking for work, trying to remain open to what comes. I want to be brave and not panic myself into taking every opportunity before me, or jumping at the first opportunity. I want to create a life that works for me, honors my health and y creative nature.

Week number one of Creative Every Day 2011, proved challenging and I was very emotional. Winter is difficult for me, seasonal disorder, lower Vitamin D levels, and my swings between high and low energy seem extreme, even to me.

I tried to fill this week with kindness and balance.

January 1—attended Your Yearbook at the Joy Center in Ishpeming, Michigan. Workshop facilitator Matt Maki guided participants in recognizing trends, goals, and super powers as we each pulled together a yearbook as guide for 2011. Directly following this workshop, I attended eMotion and danced to music that embodies earth, water, fire and air. An amazing start to the New Year!

Lil Presque Beach, Mike and Kim Shoot Ice

January 2—hiked Songbird Trail and Lil’ Presque while taking photos with my fiancé Mike Hainstock. Over 2 miles hiking on trails of crusty icy snow and windswept winter beach.

January 3—explored new avenues to abundance by sub-teaching 3rd grade. Had a wonderful day and came home with crayon drawings from four students, wonderful colorful gifts.

January 4—groomed plants, cleared clutter and then headed to Goodwill. I have not been feeling pretty and my trip to Goodwill was full of colorful, playful and pretty clothes. What a boost! Beautify day!

January 5—worked at the Group Home and made homemade soup to nurture my health and wellness.

January 6—yoga and massage day! I will write more about my Yoga practice next week. Included with photos of Morgan Memorial Chapel.

Working on Endorphins and Fitness

January 7—my day of work was cancelled. I felt a little down but made my lists and decided the thing that drew me most was the gym. I attended a lunch express yoga class, Vinyasa Flow for 45 minutes and then jumped on the treadmill and did a walk/run at varying inclines for another 45 minutes. Pampered myself with the hot tub. Living creatively means being good to our body, mind and soul, I’ve been reminding myself how tender life can be.

Creative Sundays

I hung out with my demons today. When I do this, I visit the Alligator and I talk to him. He is a wise demon but likes to fool with me as well (sigh). But he reminds me not to take things painfully and he suggests a good dose of playtime. So where he is demonic and a bit of a trickster this gator is usually worth my time.

By the time I arrived home, after having played in the cool winter air, even after numb toes, I usually get a little creative so I decided to take a closer look at me with that Gator. What could the demon teach me about my visions?

So I zoomed in…

Then I thought, oh this is all much clearer now. I like this. Fresh air and the whispers of the Gator have brought some clarity to the questions demonizing me to wee hours of the morning.

  • Do I take a position that slows the momentum of this creative energy?
  • Do I try to do both?
  • Do I keep taking leaps of faith?

I plugged away all afternoon at creative projects. Here is one answer (below).

I love it when my questions lead to graphic messages! This is my new Etsy Store banner at Create with Kim!

Create With Kim

You may have noticed the blog title has changed from The Dailies to Create With Kim! signalling a shift and what I hope will be a more thematic and purposeful change to my blogging.

I have been looking at the future, my Bucket List(s), where I want to be in 5 years, or even the 5 years after that. I’ve been searching for my path which was right under my feet. Maybe it took losing 40 pounds to have the confidence and energy to start forming a new direction, to find the motivation. But much of this I have been doing all along.

I kept thinking, I need some great momentum to launch. Certainly my current life would not prop me up sufficiently and I feared risks and my own energy levels.

Yet, I knew all my own negative talk was fruitless. I knew all the abundant thoughts. I knew how to bring a new “being” into creation. Afterall, I had done it with years ago. Homeroad was a long acronym that stood for Hands Over Miles Easily Reaching Out Across Divides, a supportive forum for truck driving families. There was no huge vision when I started, just a need and a passion to help others. And most importantly, a willingness and openness to share my own expereinces, mistakes, and weaknesses. Soon a gathering of women formed and supported each other–it was magic.

Here I stand 8-years after my work with and thinking it has been too long. Time to put my self out there and create again.

What has my path been these past 8 years? What do I want to create as I move forward? What can we share as we move ahead? These questions will help form the new blog. Come join me.

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