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Creative Every Day 2011–Week Four

A little late in posting my Creative Every Day Week 4 due to it being such a huge week! Full of accomplishments and goal setting. BOOST! That has been the word for January! I have given rise to such wonderful energies.

1.23.2011, Sunday

1.24.2011, Monday

  • Joined the Happiness Project.
  • Ran 3.1 miles, stretched and enjoyed the hot tub at the YMCA.
  • Donated clothes which equals less clutter!
  • Gifts arrived in the mail!
  • Stopped in the middle of the road to capture images of pigeons on a wire.

1.25.2011, Tuesday

  • Happiness Blog post at Create with Kim.
  • Watered Plants!
  • Another gift arrived in the mail!
  • Flipped the mattress for better energy flow in the bedroom, complete with fresh sheets.

1.26.2011, Wednesday

1.27.2011, Thursday

  • Yoga with Melissa.
  • Vinnies’ Bag day Sale. Buying used clothing makes me feel abundant!
  • Made my first ever cabbage soup.
  • Clipped magazines for new vision map.

1.28.2011, Friday

  • Supported a local business, Art of Framing for assistance with photo mats.
  • Entered the WinterCharm exhibit.
  • Weighed in for Biggest Loser competition at work.
  • Created new Vision Map.

1.29.2011, Saturday

Giving Winter Notice at Eben Ice Caves

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Giving Winter Notice at Eben Ice Caves was the Superiorland Photography Club and I was on board, as well. I hiked in wearing Keen boots and YakTrax but switched to my Brooks Trail Runners and STABILicers to handle the ice and the interior sections of the cave. I went a little wild in the winter woods and even jogged parts of the trail. I crawled into tiny caves and my feet stuck out. I lay in snow taking macros. I played with flashes with my MagicMan; check out his slideshow here. It was the most creative effort all week and I am proud of my Eben Ice Caves Flickr Set.

2011 Happiness Project–January

Happiness Project

Okay, this past year was rough. Good things happened yet I still felt out of my element often enough. I did not have that strong can-do attitude and I felt the rug being pulled from under my feet, too often. In 2010, I had already decided to concentrate on small things, tiny things. To rebuild a positive base you have to start with gratitude. You have to know where you are a happy. One thing was I wanted dinners at home, and the ability to lie in bed and read a book! Such a luxury. I did not want to feel the need to work 7am-11pm. I told myself it was crazy to do so and to STOP!

So yesterday I ran across The Happiness Project and since I am already committed to the Creative Every Day Challenge 2011, I thought what a perfect friend they‘d be. Let’s concentrate on Happy!

Kim is Springing out of Boxes

The reminder came in the mail, yesterday! I took part in an abundance group with professional woman who desired to create change. In the mail, the most wonderful gift arrived on the same day as joining the Happiness Project!

It has taken me a bit longer to manifest the changes, but I am getting there. My Etsy Store is forming-up, nicely. I am a working artist at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative. Plus, I’ve my photography at the Marquette Art and Cultural Gift Gallery within the Peter White Library. With my day job I have gone through a couple changes, trying on differing aspects of the job to see what fits.


On my birthday I attended yoga at a new location, on departing there was a small bowl of stones with messages. I chose one that said, “Give.” My immediate reaction was muscles tensing and the defensive thought that I already give too much! I work in a Group Home. I give every day.  Then I realized I was looking at giving wrong. Giving does not deplete you when in the state of joyful giving. That I can also give to myself.

I went to the Gallery and a small birthday gift, so cute, delicate, colorful and joyful awaited me. It was from a friend that folds paper cranes. I was like a little girl when opening the gift. My next act was to take a photo from my display and march it down the street. It was a magical photo of a local business taken at dusk. It felt good to give of my gifts. Aha!


So just what am I reading? I am making time to read, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. He is an amazing writer, good flow, good humor, great subject.  On the nights I do not work at the group home until eleven, my lovely “off” nights, I read!

I have also picked up “Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way” by Susan Weed. It comes highly recommended and lately I feel this 47-year-old-body preparing for the next phase of life. I need to educate myself on alternative methods of healing for this time.

Hopefully in the next week or so I can also order, Gretchin Rubin’s, “The Happiness Project”

Action Goals

1. Continue working on the studio upstairs–Making it more welcoming, functional and less cluttered.

2. Make more time for family—outings, dinners, visits.

3. Simple chores that make me happy—water plants twice a week, declutter, cooking.

4. Read!

5. Enjoy one or two massages a month.

Creative Every Day 2011–Week Three

Avoiding the Winter Doldrums by Seeking Color in Winter

January 16
Mike and I went snow tubing at Al Quaal Recreation Area with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. I had the realization that two years ago was my first time and I weighed 183 pounds. That was the winter I said, “I will not be a fat pigeon in winter.” I vowed to get comfortable with my body and winter. This year I was 147 pounds and very happy to be sharing the experience with family.

Carefully Observing Winter's Thorny Claws

January 17
I had a very positive business meeting with a new local storeowner who wants to display my work in her store. Then walked in heavy falling store to Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative and pulled some of my work for listing in my Etsy Store Front. My display at the Artist Co-op is changing (see photo below).
January 18
I attended Flowering Wilderness Yoga studio for the first time on my birthday morning. Today was about nurturing me. I also visited the chiropractor and spent a quiet evening in. My daughter crocheted me wonderful rosy pink slippers! She stopped by with my grandson in the evening.
January 19
Slept-in, regroup, and organize. I find my state of mind is clearer when I do this. Spent time in upstairs studio, cleaning. Worked at the Group Home 3-11pm.
January 20
Updated blogs, and added listings to Etsy store.
January 21
Even more listings to Etsy Store–we’ve grown from 6 items to 16! Then worked at the Group Home 3-11pm.
January 22
Worked at Zero Degree Artists Cooperative from 11-2pm. I photographed other artist’s displays. After my shift, Mike assisted me in hanging four additional shelves. I completed moving my display from one room of the gallery to the next room. In the evening, I edited some of the photos I took and posted them to the Zero Degrees Artist Co-op’s Facebook Page.

Kim's New Wall Display ~ Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

Some people are worried about the birds falling from the sky. It’s a sign! But others are more worried about making it through winter with a warm home and dinner in the oven. I am grateful to put gasoline in my car and drive to work at the group home and my opportunity to earn a paycheck. There was no yoga this week as the church is holding, “Room at the Inn” here in Marquette, Michigan, churches rotate taking in the homeless during winter months. You can volunteer or donate.

I’ve been ill. I don’t hide this but I do not wallow in it. I keep fighting. I try to get well. I even gave up a full-time position on afternoon shift so I can get better rest during the week. Winter is hard and I ache. I am not sure this is just, Celiac. It might be something, else.

I’m trying to live an authentic life that fuels me, heals me. I am getting more involved with my healing. Yes this means paying the bills, slowly. But the rest I am getting is good. I am getting back to creating and focussing on earning a living through what nourishes me. I want to be well enough by spring to help out at a local farm, too.

Please check out my Etsy Store, Create with Kim! I have posted new items and there is more to come.

And if you live in Marquette, consider supporting local art by visiting, Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative and please add us on Facebook.

So here we are, 1.3 degrees farenheit this fine Upper Peninsula morning. I am armed with PhotoShop and LightRoom, laptop, lap blanket, warm fuzzy slippers in pink. I am seeing changing times. I like what I see. Boldness. Daring. I am leaping out of boxes and into the world of creation. This week is better than last.

How are you getting through winter? How are you making it better?

Creative Every Day Week Two–Nurture and Heal

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A little late, week two was rough for me. Winter is taking a toll on my physical and spiritual health. Today the sun came out and allowed me to feel energized. These photos were taken today (January 20, 2011). One of my creative projects has been to revision my studio space. To make it welcoming and to re-establish habits that feed my creativity. I am also working with lists, each day I write down things to accomplish, plans for the next day, and for the end of the week. It has kept me moving, and mostly on task.

Jan 9, Sunday

Mike and I hung the first of four new shelves at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative. I am in the process of moving into the newly opened room. I also managed grocery shopping at a big box store. With Celiac I often feel overwhelmed by how much of these stores is off-limits for a person avoiding: gluten, corn, egg, dairy/casein and soy. This is a creative and brave act, shopping. But so is my diet.

If you visit the Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative online, the nifty slideshow is composed mostly of my photos.

Jan 10, Monday

I was a substitute teacher for art at the local middle school. Felt strong this day and ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the YMCA.

Jan 11, Tuesday

Long day at work with a mandatory employee meeting. I powered up with a smoothie. It was a beautiful smoothie!

Jan 12, Wednesday

I allowed myself a morning to refuel, sleep in, and recoup. The headed to work for 3-11.

Jan 13, Thursday

Powerfully creative day starting with Yoga. Lunch with Grandson! worked at the Zero Degrees Artist Coop and made decision on my display that included pulling smaller photos for my Etsy store.

Jan 14, Friday

Edited photos, danced around the house, and watered and groomed houseplants. Then headed to work 3-11pm.

Jan 15, Saturday

My body had felt depleted all week and I knew this, nurtured, nourished, and slept as much as possible. But my emotions bubbled all over on Saturday. But I pulled it together and Mike and I went looking for blue paint chips. We purchased 4 more shelves for the gallery. Mike helped to calm me, helped ease the tension causing muscle spasms.

I talked to Shannon at the gallery and I stated, “I look for Hope in an certain angle of light.”

She asked, “Have you written that down yet?”

I did just that. Shannon is a wonderful woman who inspires me. She always reminds me of my talents and strengths. I need those reminders during this battle back to health. I’ve been blessed woth soem wonderful women in my life over the past few months.

Creative Every Day Week One


Creative Every Day 2011–Week One

My biggest worry is that I will not honor myself this year. I am facing more change, looking for work, trying to remain open to what comes. I want to be brave and not panic myself into taking every opportunity before me, or jumping at the first opportunity. I want to create a life that works for me, honors my health and y creative nature.

Week number one of Creative Every Day 2011, proved challenging and I was very emotional. Winter is difficult for me, seasonal disorder, lower Vitamin D levels, and my swings between high and low energy seem extreme, even to me.

I tried to fill this week with kindness and balance.

January 1—attended Your Yearbook at the Joy Center in Ishpeming, Michigan. Workshop facilitator Matt Maki guided participants in recognizing trends, goals, and super powers as we each pulled together a yearbook as guide for 2011. Directly following this workshop, I attended eMotion and danced to music that embodies earth, water, fire and air. An amazing start to the New Year!

Lil Presque Beach, Mike and Kim Shoot Ice

January 2—hiked Songbird Trail and Lil’ Presque while taking photos with my fiancé Mike Hainstock. Over 2 miles hiking on trails of crusty icy snow and windswept winter beach.

January 3—explored new avenues to abundance by sub-teaching 3rd grade. Had a wonderful day and came home with crayon drawings from four students, wonderful colorful gifts.

January 4—groomed plants, cleared clutter and then headed to Goodwill. I have not been feeling pretty and my trip to Goodwill was full of colorful, playful and pretty clothes. What a boost! Beautify day!

January 5—worked at the Group Home and made homemade soup to nurture my health and wellness.

January 6—yoga and massage day! I will write more about my Yoga practice next week. Included with photos of Morgan Memorial Chapel.

Working on Endorphins and Fitness

January 7—my day of work was cancelled. I felt a little down but made my lists and decided the thing that drew me most was the gym. I attended a lunch express yoga class, Vinyasa Flow for 45 minutes and then jumped on the treadmill and did a walk/run at varying inclines for another 45 minutes. Pampered myself with the hot tub. Living creatively means being good to our body, mind and soul, I’ve been reminding myself how tender life can be.

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