Mist Woods

Mist Woods, Copyright Kim Nixon 2007
Update: This photo was auctioned for an AMCAB event to raise money for feeding the hungry.

Prints can be yours! Drop me an email.

Update 12/21.2007: Today I posted this as my “Best of 2007” photo at PhotoFriday.com and also had this professionally matted (to be picked up Christmas Eve). 8 x10 Matted prints in a limited edition will be issued in 2008. I will also have a limited number of postcards with this image. Stay Tuned for more info or email me.


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. this picture is incredible. did you really take this??!

  2. Yes. I thought crappy, wet-day climbing hills…great! But the weather was actually a huge gift. I have tweaked the contrast a tad and the hue to bring up the red in Adobe Phtoshop. I am putting this one a small store in Ishpeming. I just have to decide where to print my digital.

    We bought a small die sublimation printer but it only does 4×6. I am hoping to print this in at least 8×10.

    Mike says this photo really captures the moment. More so than the mushroom shots on the same trip.

    I have more mist photos here somewhere.

  3. Wow – this image is truly magical!

  4. I love this photo. It makes me sad and wistful, and now this is picture is inside me rumbling around. wet red leaves. It brings up the smell of mushrooms

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