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Marquette Sets a Guinness World Record!

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Guinness World Record: “Largest Skateboard Parade” in Marquette, Michigan on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

Marquette Informal Longboarding Foundation
 And NMU Skate and Snow organized a Skateboard Parade to break the world record, and of course they were successful! Whoot!

I was on hand to take event photos. You can check out the full slideshow at my Flickr account.

As for me? The only record I set for myself was a long list of incomplete projects and piles of chores that I now have to squish into my Monday evening.

Obama Visits Marquette, Michigan

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“Whether westward or skyward…we can do anything!” President Obama.

One of my photos was included in today’s ( February 11, 2011) coverage at Absolute Michigan which includes a link to my Flickr Slideshow.

4/21 Gotta Run

Kim Talks with Erik Winkelmann Pre-race

Kim (blue bandana) Talks with Erik Winkelmann Pre-race

Almost every Saturday morning this summer I have set an alarm clock, slipped from bed and into running clothes. I run 3-5 miles. Afterward, I go to the Marquette’s Farmer’s Market. It is my hunter-gatherer mode. I come home to Mike and a pot of coffee having brought the fresh fruit and scones.

This Saturday it was time to reap the rewards from my training. I ran the Lake Superior Shore Run which benefits the Superiorland Cross-Country Ski Club. I placed in the middle of my age group, 40-49. Normally, I have been running a bit faster than this–last night I had a migraine and neck spasms–today during the race I felt off, weak, and heavy. But it was a fantastic overcast day, the rain held off and the temps in the low 60s.

Photo by Mike HainstockThe race was at Little Presque, and ran along the Lake Superior shoreline and Songbird Trail. It was crazy crossing the suspension bridge with everyone running. I thought I’d spill right off! It was really quite freaky and fun! The photos are taken by Mike Hainstock, my towel boy, and long-term boyfirend.

I am wearing my I Lost 45 @ 45 Tee-shirt. My race sponsors were: Kudeyirah, Stonehouse Window & Door, Health & Happiness Magazine, and my own biz, Create with Kim. I thank my sponsors for their support and encouragement. They are part of something much larger than just this race. I Lost 45 @ 45! Will include public talks and a new direction in my life and a return to healing arts as a career.

Age Group Place: 8
Overall Place: 74
Time: 34:45.7
Pace: 6:57/K

<Photo by Mike Hainstock>

Kim Heads to a Strong Finish

from the retreat…





Timed Writing Excerpt

I could reach off this deck past the mischief sign to the spruce and white pine. I could dive into the blue skies past prayer flags. White birch leaves laugh with wind and I think of E. and A. I wonder what the future holds. Today my life feels less like changing diapers. Today my life feels like wind.

A mosquito eater pops up out of the purple mums, distracts me. I hear a siren. A chain saw. The white rockers legs on the deck where two others writers sit moving their pens across the page.

The future I put on hold opens to me today. Just writing these words sounds cliche and I feel I ought to better ground myself with the sound of chipmunks and birds. A distant motorcycle growls on the highway. I think, “Mischief next to the germanium on the deck at Joy Center.”

How’s that for a line?

Get your horses in a row and breathe deep the pine. Cup in your palm a fallen red leaf, or crumple it underfoot. But remember to breathe in autumn once back in the busy world.

Seven or eight stones all heart shaped rest on the railing. Do I want to rest on a railing, lean where safe? Or leap into the forest. Mischief is yellow and green surrounded by red-orange passion. And I decide to leap!


Helen Haskell-Remien is a graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing program at NMU, and is director of the Joy Center, a creativity center in Ishpeming. I attended "Finding Your Way Home: A Writing Retreat this weekend (9/19).

Blue’s Fest–That’s where you’ll find me!

If you are looking for me this weekend I will be here, Mattsson Lower Harbor, enjoying 2 days/nights of the Blues. The Marquette Area Blue’s Fest line-up is brought to you by the Marquette Area Blue’s Society (MABS).

Marquette Area Blues Fest, 2008

Marquette Area Blues Fest, 2008–Watermelon Slim & The Workers




This week my anticipation for The Marquette Area Blues Fest is growing. I picked up tickets tonight! The following photos were taken during a very hot blues fest! Good thing many of the artist’s are from the south. It felt like home to them! But heatstroke was a real concern for me and many others. Mike and I have been attending Blues Fest in Marquette since 2004. The festival is put on by the Marquette Area Blues Society. This Year’s Blues Fest is Saturday, September 5-6, 2009

Hiawatha–Sunday Morn with Bass

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This photo was submitted to the weekly challenge: In Shadow.

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Hiawatha–Festival in Pink




Hiawatha Music Festival it’s coming!

It’s summer and we are approaching the 3rd weekend of July. That can mean only one thing in Marquette, Michigan…Happy Hiawatha! The 31st Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival happens at the Tourist Park 17-19th.

Above is one of the music workshops held at 2nd Stage last year. Pictured are Seth & May, and Mike Waite. I was sitting at their feet singing away and ran back to my camper not 200 feet away to grab my camera.

There will be food vendors and artisans like Beth Millner, a local silvesmith and Birchleaf Designs. Beth does wonderful work in copper and silver. I own several of her pieces. Birchleaf makes “whimsical wood and fabric playthings.”

(Pictures depict 2008 event and artists vary from year to year. Visit Hiawatha Music Co-op for more festival info).

Final Stretch…

photo by Mike Hainstock

This is a photo of me on the final stretch of the Crossroads Challenge held at the Blueberry Ski-Trails at M-553 and County Road 480 (Marquette/Sands). The race was June 6 and I ran a 37.8 minute 5k. I had run a road race on level ground in May and had a 39.95 time. This course had up and downhills and was a trail run. I cramped terriblly 1/2 way and had abdomen cramps until evening (on and off). But I improved, I finished. I will run again soon. Today I weighed in at 161 pounds (down from 198).

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