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I struggled on 7/21 of my promise and I cannot say how I took ownership of that day. It took until after 1pm to make it mine (sigh) and the idea was to do so in the morning.  After my morning shift, I headed to Presque Isle and took my camera. The photos appear below.

I did much better taking ownership of today, Day 8 of my 21-day promise.

Quite proud of eating a quick and nutritious breakfast this morning–my shift started at 7:30 a.m. I was done eating before 7 a.m.

Kashi Go Lean Hot
Apple, diced
4 figs, chopped
1/2 cup of 1% milk over the top of cooked cereal

Calories:472 Carbs:102 Fat:4 Protien:15

In between my split-shifts I took a few minutes next to a local lake drinking a non-fat vanilla latte and reading  Three Cups of Tea. More on this book later.

Presques Isle–First Fall Storm




Presque Isle Breakwall, Marquette, Michigan
1st Fall Storm, 2009
Lake Superior

More storm photos posted at A Winter Journal.

6/21 Promises–Breakfast Fuel

This morning I woke still shaking from the weekend’s migraine. Something happens neurologically and my body has to recover. Today I chose quality fuel for my body that also tastes fantastic.

Breakfast Cereal
1 cup of Quaker Oat squares, Maple (210 calories)
1 4oz. serving of Stonyfield Farm, Okios organic Greek Yogurt with honey on the bottom (calories 90)
1 cup of sliced strawberries (46 calories)

Total Calories: 346

Sometimes the way I honor my mornings is by fueling my body properly so I have the energy to reach the challenges of the day. The Okios has 0g of fat and a whopping 10g of protein!

Kim on a Dark Path

Kim Enters the Dark Path

I have made a promise that when I am suffering from migraines I will create art. Mike took these photos of me on a dark path. Due to low-light there was a blurred quality which in post-processing I blurred further. It captures the affect of my migraine. I was in a dark place today.

Kim on Dark Path

5/21 Man-O-Man Get Me Outta Metro-Marquette Baby!

Mike started noticing it this summer, smog in Marquette. The traffic at rush hour coming home from Negaunee and Ishpeming toward Marquette, not so bad. The traffic leaving Marquette, Holy Wah!

This morning my neighborhood was loud–including a gun-shot type sound of a large CRACK! That made me cry-out in my sleep and jump sideways on the bed toward Mike. Ugh! I had a headache, though, long before that loud crack.

I spent my morning on a social networking site talking about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Headaches and Neck Pain. Yes, I am using capital letters on those words ’cause they are major entities in my life, affecting my performance, both physical and cognitive.

How, when waking to pain and a sense of overwhelm do you claim your day for you? Today I vented. I heated up a neck cozy, rubbed arnica, peppermint and lavender oils into my neck, shoulders and even scalp, I tried to breathe deeply and let at least some of the strain pass.

I was angry, wanting to go play, take photos, get shtuff done but knowing the headache and pain may make this into less of a possibility. That’s when Mike shared his plans for the day. He needs to take things out to camp, which is becoming a winter storage unit of sorts, and then he needs to go to store. I am riding along. I can close my eyes. Not drive, which believe me when my headaches are bad I should not be behind a steering-wheel. I can perhaps snap (photos) some “migraine-art.”  I will get my store errands done too!

This morning, taking ownership of the day meant meeting my physical body where it was and finding how to work hope back into the day. Mike helped. It’s a great day to be alive!

4/21 Gotta Run

Kim Talks with Erik Winkelmann Pre-race

Kim (blue bandana) Talks with Erik Winkelmann Pre-race

Almost every Saturday morning this summer I have set an alarm clock, slipped from bed and into running clothes. I run 3-5 miles. Afterward, I go to the Marquette’s Farmer’s Market. It is my hunter-gatherer mode. I come home to Mike and a pot of coffee having brought the fresh fruit and scones.

This Saturday it was time to reap the rewards from my training. I ran the Lake Superior Shore Run which benefits the Superiorland Cross-Country Ski Club. I placed in the middle of my age group, 40-49. Normally, I have been running a bit faster than this–last night I had a migraine and neck spasms–today during the race I felt off, weak, and heavy. But it was a fantastic overcast day, the rain held off and the temps in the low 60s.

Photo by Mike HainstockThe race was at Little Presque, and ran along the Lake Superior shoreline and Songbird Trail. It was crazy crossing the suspension bridge with everyone running. I thought I’d spill right off! It was really quite freaky and fun! The photos are taken by Mike Hainstock, my towel boy, and long-term boyfirend.

I am wearing my I Lost 45 @ 45 Tee-shirt. My race sponsors were: Kudeyirah, Stonehouse Window & Door, Health & Happiness Magazine, and my own biz, Create with Kim. I thank my sponsors for their support and encouragement. They are part of something much larger than just this race. I Lost 45 @ 45! Will include public talks and a new direction in my life and a return to healing arts as a career.

Age Group Place: 8
Overall Place: 74
Time: 34:45.7
Pace: 6:57/K

<Photo by Mike Hainstock>

Kim Heads to a Strong Finish

3/21 Promises & Photographs


“Mike Reviews” was submitted for this week’s Challenge. The theme this week, The Face.  I chose the photo of Mike as my promise this morning ’cause this is the man that makes it all better for me. He is the one I wake to and come home to. In this photo Mike is reviewing digi-captures at Blues Fest 2009. This is a wise face, and the man gives great counsel, always encouraging my growth as a person and artist. I have promised to love him forever (sounds cheesy, eh? but it is true).

Oh, so the 21-Day Promise fits a couple ways here. First I did something that furthers my art by submitting to the weekly contest. Two I have woke this man and shared my love with him now for 5 years. Mike and I call our anniversary July 4, as I fell in love with him in 2004 during festivities. Mike and I are readying for another one of our hike to you drop fall trips–packing camera gear–choosing our adventures–I am fully aware of this connection he and I have and our and commitment to love, to grow, and it is a lovely promise..

2/21 Promises & Dressing the Part


Sometimes, facing the morning is difficult. Can I do my job today in a skirt? Usually not. In my day job a skirt can be very inconvenient. But today I chose to dress in a fold-over yoga skirt. I wore two Beth Millner pendants. I took care of myself by pampering. A dab of Clarity, an essential oil from Young Living Oils, behind each ear. I dressed like I would if I was going up to my studio, or off to the library to write. I dressed the part I wanted to play. It set a tone for the day.

The photo, taken Wednesday, struck me as inspirational. It reminded me that I can open, soon. I can make my dreams a reality. My lights can shine. I can make it happen. each day I can take an action that will move the dreams forward.

1/21 Teal Mornings & Making Promises


Ever feel like you have hit a brick wall? Or that you are just another brick in the wall? I have decided to take ownership of my days by making time for centering. Instead of feeling “too caught up” or “out-of-touch” I promised to do at least one action/deed or make time for a creative moment that refuels me every morning. If you do something for 21-days it becomes habit. I took extra time on my way to work and swung by Teal Lake in Negaunee, Michigan. The photos took me less than 15 minutes. I still arrived (at work) on time. I had started Wednesday with an act of creativity–I felt great. I won’t be making a post every day. But I’ll keep you updated on my 21-day Promise.


Bits from Freewrites on Retreat


I remember watching Mutual of Omaha with my dad as a little girl frightened by the ferocity of the lioness as she took down her prey. My first death experience.

Bumble Bee. Bee Balm. Blackeye’d Susan. Prayer Flags. Mischief, Bells, Silks, Sparkles and Heart-rocks. Angel. Beach Glass. Color, color, and space. All these speak to me, today. But it is the breathing space and wind. The sound of our lives affected by wind. The rustle of leaves that E. and A. love so much. Like Giggles. And laughter.

Water over rock. Water crashing on rock. Loudly and telepathically I send energy out. Feel this wind. I run the trail between Presque and Wetmore and pause arms outstretched palms resting on trees as I face the surf of Superior.

Today the wind blows past my sore shoulders. I smell pine and hear crickets. And I’ve made space for the wind to blow. I can accept this space. No need to fill it up with expectations or fears. Path’s lead everywhere. I have many to chose from. I can be blown.


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