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Creative Every Day–Week 8

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This was the first week that felt out of my grasp, I was vacant and distracted. Yet, I found moments of deep relaxation and joy.  I took a promotion at work which brings me back to full-time status.  I spent the last 4 months gearing up for change, committing to my art. But the practical came rushing back in. I took the job. What does this mean? Will I continue to accomplish in my creative life?

So today, I took strongly to procrastination and laziness. I still managed to  put four new framed photos in the gallery, visit with artists and friends, play games, and cook an awesome dinner. And posted my weekly CED 2011 chronicle on Monday (albeit at night, but not late).

The close of Febraury has me questioning my Passion. That scares me! But I look forward to March’s optional theme of Nest. Can I put my hopes and dreams into a NEST. Will they protect and cradle my dreams. Will I have the energies to come home and sit on that nest?

February 20, 2011–Sunday

  • Deep cleaning of home, which included rearranging the living room, considering new possibilities.
  • Shopping for new clothes for Mike.
  • Making a new recipe and straying far from the instructions.
  • Posted my Creative Every Day chronicle, on time!

February 21, 2011—Monday

  • Zero Degree Artist Cooperative, monthly meeting–but I was ill and stayed home.

February 22, 2011—Tuesday

  • Guest Writer, post by Christine Kane.

February 23, 2011—Wednesday

  • Sub-taught and it was a rough day.
  • Spent the evening searching out job opps.

February 24, 2011—Thursday

  • Attended Yoga
  • Massage from Anne
  • Clear Bags arrived in the mail—readying of photos for sale.
  • Job Promotion effective 2/28,  found out today!
  • Included in the Spring Flora Treasury on Etsy!

February 25, 2011—Friday

  • Made it to the YMCA for a work-out.
  • Enjoyed the hot-tub.

February 26, 2011—Saturday

  • Outhouse Races, South Beach, Scott Falls and more!
  • Photo edits.

Getting the Shot!

Photo by Mike Hainstock ~ Kim, Behind Scott Falls

I crawl behind frozen waterfalls! The rush of the water sounding like water left on in an overflowing cast iron bathtub with claw-feet. The water spilling over and down into the first floor flat. You could see water moving in the ice. I felt very alive!

Oh, and BTW Mike is behind the same waterfall. Crawling in the cave spaces!

The waterfall is Scott Falls just past the Autrain Bridge in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. See the photo of the falls in summer (also from behind the falls looking out). This photo is available framed at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative in 8×10 metallic print.


Photo by Kim Nixon ~ As Dreamt

Guest Writer–9 Immutable Laws of Not Taking Things Personally

9 Immutable Laws of Not Taking Things Personally
by Christine Kane

Do you ever feel like you’re just way too sensitive?

Do comments from other people sometimes knock the wind out of you?

Girl, I totally understand!

During my 15 years in the entertainment business, I had lots of experience learning how to not take things personally!

Really though, there’s opportunity in EVERY business to get this same lesson. It’s all about learning to live as a creator, and not as a reactor.

One of the common challenges for successful purposeful women is about not taking things personally. That’s because moving forward, getting bigger, and living your dreams require that you step out of the petty concerns of your small self. You simply can no longer afford to waste that kind of energy and attention.

So, here are the 9 Immutable Laws of Not Taking Things Personally. Let them guide you to bigger places in your world!


A well-loved acronym, this stands for “Some will. Some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting!”

It means that some people will love what you do.

Then there will be those who look at your work, read your poems, review your resume, visit your store – and they’ll shrug and say, “Yea, not so much.”

So what?

Somewhere out there someone is waiting for your gift. And if you have to keep working on your craft, or wait a little while, that’s okay!

2 – Uplevel your “Why.”

Your WHY is your deeper motivation. Your WHY is your guideline. Your WHY will help you dismiss the minor petty things that try to hold you back. If you don’t know your WHY, if you aren’t sure of your purpose here on this planet, set an intention to get clear about that. It will change your outcomes.

3 – Remember that people are busy.

People are busy.

Don’t sink into resentment when a single email isn’t answered. It’s not personal. Many times, it’s just that people don’t have time to answer every email. We all have a lot on our plates. It’s not personal if you have to try someone twice or three times! (Revisit #1.)

4 – Email is instant. Use accordingly.

The rapid pace of our culture has removed much of the etiquette that some might normally expect. Most people just “fire off” email without thinking.

If you get an email that hurts or feels personal, take some time to chill out. Then re-read the email in a kind voice. Be careful with the temptation to over-dramatize someone else being in a hurry.

5 – Begin each day with presence.

How you begin your day sets the tone for the day.

Learn to start your day by getting centered with creative and proactive activities. Some possibilities: meditation, yoga, going to the gym, writing down goals and intentions, visioning your day in advance. Start with a strong foundation each day.

6 – Eat enough. Sleep enough.

Being tired or hungry will make you more sensitive or irritable. Don’t try to function well in these draining conditions.

7 – The power of lists.

Are you hoping for the ONE BIG THING that will be your “saving grace?” This is a veritable petri dish for taking things personally!

Examples: Applying for a scholarship to one single program. Submitting your article off to one magazine. Waiting to hear back from one single new client.

There’s a better way. Before you send yourself out into the world – be it resume, grant, publication – make a list of many options. Then, move down the list if someone says no. Find the someone who’s waiting.

8 – Shut up and listen

When you quietly listen, you may actually see humor in how you can take everything so personally. (LISTEN and SILENT have the same letters for a reason!)

When you’re in a conversation, stop and listen. Really deeply listen. Try practicing this first in conversations that are neutral. This will prepare you for more highly charged situations.

9 – Communicate without Emotion

Do you use phrases like this?

– “Well, you’re the one who…”

– “You took that all wrong!”

– “You ALWAYS do that!”

– “I’ll NEVER make it!”

Notice that this language is laced with drama and blame.

Language is a very powerful tool. Learn to use words that aren’t about the emotions and pointing fingers.

“I didn’t communicate this well so let me try again.”

“I’m not sure I understand you. Can we discuss this on the phone?”

Learn to take a “Here’s the facts ma’am” approach. Write out your desired outcome for the conversation. Get clear inside yourself, and then talk with the other person.

Christine Kane is the Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World. She helps women uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly LiveCreative eZine goes out to over 12,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at

Creative Every Day–Week 7

Traditions & Strength, Marquette Michigan

Traditions and strengths, the caption on the above photo came to me as I watched the start of the Upper Peninsula 200 Dog Sled race on Friday Night. The old theatre sign was lit, a rarity. The people braved the cold. I pondered the changes coming in my life. Changes that have come as a surprise and others that have come with purposeful changes.

I completed an exercise in gratitude. For 30 days I tracked my gratitudes, overwhelmingly these observances were tied to my creative endeavors, my fiance’ Mike, and the good healthy food I choose to nourish my body.

The connections we choose, the activities, and the gratitudes help us build traditions and strength. I am excited to see what a year of tracking my creative steps will bring. Already, I look at my life so differently, and I’m open to change. I have less fear, and more willingness.


  • Gave a gift!
  • Made cupcakes at work.
  • Did things different at work.
  • Whiteboard initiated with positive words.



  • Framing of 4 new photographs.
  • Dropped into the gallery.
  • Took photos in Marquette’s Lower Harbor.
  • Composed new signature for bottom of emails.
  • Purchased local products and services.
  • Posted my Creative Every Day chronicle.




  • UP 200 photo shoot.
  • Photo edits
  • Dream On blog post


  • Watched Grandson, read stories and sang songs.
  • Compiled an Etsy Treasury, Prayers Take Flight.

Dream On

Waiting for Summer


Long Walk of a Pier, Pilings, Marquette MI

Open to the expansiveness of your life. Look for new angles, open pathways for your eyes, widen your awareness of what is and can be. Dream! Live a life of passion and hope.

I woke with the most awful headache today, and in the past it would have me calling to cancel all appointments and I’d end up diving back into a dark room. But today I am opening, unfolding, releasing and carrying forth to yoga, and to my shift at Zero Degrees Art Gallery.

This new way of walking in my life is a learning process but I find new contours to explore. Contours are soft edges in myself. I leap out of “box-thought” and think of softness and follow the desire to touch things. When a small child reaches out to a flower petal they do so with curiosity and hope. So do I when I find a new contour within myself. Instead of fear, anxiety, or dread, I reach forward. I might find a thorn, but I might find a furry underside that makes me giggle. I never know unless I try.

Perhaps, I should have chosen a flower image. (smile)

Get Fit with Kim–Nourish Your Life!

Safe local products from Herbal Oasis!

I tried products that I thought would be safe only to have my eyes burn with irritation. Who knew it would be so hard to find products that were gluten-free and healthy for my skin. I’ve been avoiding parabens, and products with ingredients that I will never be able to pronounce. And since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease, I’ve slowly been calling manufactures to ask if the products in my bathroom and on my dresser are safe. Sometimes the companies have no clue. Many do not have a clear list of products I can shop for, instead it necessitates I’ve a product number already in front of me. Hard to do if you want to go to a store and make a purchase.

My waste basket fills up, quickly. Some products I contribute to family or donate to organizations.

I’m lucky to have Herbal Oasis here in Marquette, Michigan. I have known business owner, Deanna Attee for many years, but only recently have I re-stocked my personal care products from her line.

Celiac Disease has done a number on my skin. Maybe it’s because I have no wheat germ and little Vitamin E in my life. Maybe it is being 47 and peri-menopausal, the hormones are pretty funky these days. My skin this winter–irritated and dry–I called Deanna and pleaded, “Help!?”

The first two products I added in were Coco-Loco Body Balm and the Skin Smoothing Facial Oil. I could tell a difference in my face immediately. I love the essential oils, there’s an aroma therapy effect. I feel more centered, hydrated and nourished. Today, I added in two more products: Renewing Eye Treatment and Gentle Facial Cleanser.

I get the joy of buying local, supporting another artisan, and being able to talk face-to-face about the product. I can ask the source of Vitamin E and trust her response. Oh, and Deanna ships her Herbal Oasis products!

Be sure to email or talk to Deanna about which of her products are gluten-free. She is very knowledgeable!

If you need to research your personal care products you can begin your education at Skin Deep and The Environmental Working Group.

Creative Every Day 2011–Week 6

As a working artist with a day job I often struggle with fatigue and getting enough done. I have found that the Creative Every Day Challenge encourages me to chronicle the week and take notice of the creativity in each day. It might not be a creative work each day, but it is a creative approach at having a whole life, a holistic life.

2.6.2011, Sunday

  • Included in this playful treasury, One Thing Leads to Another.
  • Shopped for my daughter and daughter-in-law’s birthday presents with Mike.
  • Made the decision to learn how to crochet.

2.7.2011, Monday

  • Lit a candle, peace.
  • Used essential oils, centered.
  • Restorative yoga and power yoga at home to shift unexpected energies in my day.
  • Took time to read Yoga Journal.
  • Blogged my Week 5 accomplishments.

2.8.2011, Tuesday

  • Snowshoe at Al Quaal the sound of wind in the trees, tree creak, woodpeckers and little birds singing in the cold blue day.
  • Attended Heart Wisdom with Roslyn McGrath.
  • Happiness Blog post.
  • Photo order arrived!
  • Sale of stocks deposited into biz account for new product development needs.

2.9.2011, Wednesday

  • Slow morning, woke to sunshine.
  •  Paid attention to what makes me whole.
  • Oatmeal, blogging, and stir-fry.

2.10.2011, Thursday

  • Yoga day!
  • Photos of President Obama’s motorcade as it entered Marquette Michigan.
  • Attended Superiorland Photography Club.

2.11.2011, Friday

  • Applied for jobs, including walking my resume into one location.
  • Had a dancing good time at work thanks to G.
  • Appeared on Absolute Michigan as part of the coverage of President Obama’s trip to Marquette Michigan.

2.12.2011, Saturday

  • Grocery shopped before work.
  • Had a moment of weakness that was a strong  awareness of where I need to mend.

Obama Visits Marquette, Michigan

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“Whether westward or skyward…we can do anything!” President Obama.

One of my photos was included in today’s ( February 11, 2011) coverage at Absolute Michigan which includes a link to my Flickr Slideshow.

Passion–Himilayan Heart Activation

Himalayan Heart Activation

Last night I attended a wonderful event at St Paul’s in the Healing Chapel. It was a workshop with Roslyn McGrath of Intuitive Learning Creations called Heart Wisdom. While Roslyn was on a spiritual journey at Machu Pichu she crossed paths with  Jonette Crowley author of  The Eagle and the Condor.  Jonnette shared the Himalayan Heart Activation with Roslyn. Last night Roslyn shared the connection with workshop participants and we with each other.

In January, I had set the intention that I was seeking opportunities to participate as an energy worker and as a massage therapist and this wonderful opportunity came up. With this month’s theme for Creative Every Day being Passion, and the Happiness Project being Self Knowledge, this workshop was a great fit. I’ve also been moving through several challenges that have mirrored back aspects of myself that I wish to change. This night reminded me of the good within, the love I share. I feel I can move into February with more awareness.

The gathering included people I have not seen in quite some time. It was a wonderful evening of sharing energy and light. After guided meditation I drew the image above. Joy! Pure and playful joy!

So, for this month I am concentrating on, “What are you most passionate about? How can you have more of it in your life?” I’m also making time for nourishment and renewal. Both absolutely necessary for me to remain passionate and creative.

What keeps you healthy, passionate and creative?

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