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Living Joyful

Living Joyful! I started with a run at Blueberry Ridge on Sunday (5.4K) and picked blueberries. Yesterday, I rode my bike to do errands and get new books to read at the library for a total of 5.7 miles. Today ,Belly Dancing with Kate and I rode bike there with wonderful floral aromas all thru town and along the lakeshore for an additional 3.5 miles. Tomorrow is Yoga at Mukta with Lisa! Friday starts the Hiawatha Music Festival which last for 3 days. Each morning I will wake to Yoga and each night I will dance, dance, dance!

You Are My Sunshine!

Photo: Ceiri Thomas
Post-Processing: Kim Nixon in PSE, LR, VP

I sing the song “You are My Sunshine” to both the photographer and of course to my grandson! I could not think of a better photo to look at on a snow-day in Marquette then a photo of Hiawatha Music Festival!

Marquette Area Blues Fest, Day Two


Reverend Robert Saxton and All Star Blue’s Review
Pictured are Robert Sexton (left) and John Reece (right).

Marquette Blues Fest, Day One

Bisquit Miller & The Mix–Young Blues Man

Geneva Red Plays Harmonica

Kim takes Self-Portrait with Dodge Polara

Trees a Vital Component of Any Festival–Shade

Blue’s Fest–That’s where you’ll find me!

If you are looking for me this weekend I will be here, Mattsson Lower Harbor, enjoying 2 days/nights of the Blues. The Marquette Area Blue’s Fest line-up is brought to you by the Marquette Area Blue’s Society (MABS).

Marquette Area Blues Fest, 2008

Marquette Area Blues Fest, 2008–Watermelon Slim & The Workers




This week my anticipation for The Marquette Area Blues Fest is growing. I picked up tickets tonight! The following photos were taken during a very hot blues fest! Good thing many of the artist’s are from the south. It felt like home to them! But heatstroke was a real concern for me and many others. Mike and I have been attending Blues Fest in Marquette since 2004. The festival is put on by the Marquette Area Blues Society. This Year’s Blues Fest is Saturday, September 5-6, 2009

Hiawatha–Sunday Morn with Bass

all rights reserved

This photo was submitted to the weekly challenge: In Shadow.

To view this image in color. To view this image large and in B/W.

Hiawatha–We All Come Around


Hiawatha–We All Come Around, to the music. I love this photo, taken candidly. Sometimes you zoom so far that you’re not certain what you’ve captured until you’re home and have transferred images off the SD card. Such is the case here. I used Dipstych and OptikVerve Virtual Photographer as well as Adobe Photoshop 7 to process the images.

Hiawatha Naptime


Daughter and Grandson on a walking nap in artist vendor territory. I went looking for them and came-up from behind a vendor booth and saw my beautiful daughter strolling with napping grandbaby. My grandson will turn two on Friday July 24, 2009. Two years ago my daughter went into labor while I was attending Hiawatha Music Festival–he was almost a Hiawatha baby. This little one so enjoyed the music and danced, danced, danced.

Blues Fest–Hats, Photographers, Shirts, Umbrellas

Hats of Blues Fest, Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Hats of Blues Fest Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

The Photographer--Tom Buchkoe, Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Shirts of Blues Fest, Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Shirts of Blues Fest, Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Umbrellas, Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

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