Creative Every Day 2011–Week Three

Avoiding the Winter Doldrums by Seeking Color in Winter

January 16
Mike and I went snow tubing at Al Quaal Recreation Area with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. I had the realization that two years ago was my first time and I weighed 183 pounds. That was the winter I said, “I will not be a fat pigeon in winter.” I vowed to get comfortable with my body and winter. This year I was 147 pounds and very happy to be sharing the experience with family.

Carefully Observing Winter's Thorny Claws

January 17
I had a very positive business meeting with a new local storeowner who wants to display my work in her store. Then walked in heavy falling store to Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative and pulled some of my work for listing in my Etsy Store Front. My display at the Artist Co-op is changing (see photo below).
January 18
I attended Flowering Wilderness Yoga studio for the first time on my birthday morning. Today was about nurturing me. I also visited the chiropractor and spent a quiet evening in. My daughter crocheted me wonderful rosy pink slippers! She stopped by with my grandson in the evening.
January 19
Slept-in, regroup, and organize. I find my state of mind is clearer when I do this. Spent time in upstairs studio, cleaning. Worked at the Group Home 3-11pm.
January 20
Updated blogs, and added listings to Etsy store.
January 21
Even more listings to Etsy Store–we’ve grown from 6 items to 16! Then worked at the Group Home 3-11pm.
January 22
Worked at Zero Degree Artists Cooperative from 11-2pm. I photographed other artist’s displays. After my shift, Mike assisted me in hanging four additional shelves. I completed moving my display from one room of the gallery to the next room. In the evening, I edited some of the photos I took and posted them to the Zero Degrees Artist Co-op’s Facebook Page.

Kim's New Wall Display ~ Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock


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  1. Kim your display is spectacular – very gallery!!!!

  2. Thanks Judy! It excites me to see it :-) Much thanks to Mike for his help. It turned out better than I envisioned.

  3. I LOVE that photo wall. I so need to do that in my office!

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